Spring, also known as the vernal equinox, is when the sun crosses the equator line moving north. And according to statistics, it is the most loveable time of all four seasons. So, what are the reasons behind this? Let us look at some things to answer the question of Why is Spring Such a Popular Season?

Why Most People Love Spring the Best?

Favorable temperatures- spring falls between winter and summer, two extreme seasons. It brings a balance between the hotness and coldness of these two seasons, hence creating favorable temperatures both indoors and outdoors. 

We Are Safer- research conducted in 2015 revealed fewer crime rates in spring than summer since days are longer than nights. Thus, this keeps thieves away. Plus, it makes it a great time to start a new hobby like gardening, crafting, etc. 

A Chance to Enjoy Outdoor More- everyone anticipates spring as it’s a time to step outside. It’s a season to prepare your hiking shoes and plan for your next adventure. You can comfortably enjoy scenic mountain and lake views that make your trip more memorable. Since many people are locked up inside during winter, trying to protect themselves from the harsh cold, the second temperatures begin to get warm; they step outside. Spring is a time to do the things you could not during winter, like riding a bike or having a beach day. While you may think that you have a lot of time to do this, remember that summer and its high temperatures are fast approaching. So, what are you waiting for? Go outside before the temperatures become unbearable. 

No Dry Air- many people catch the flu during the winter and fall season. That’s partly because of the dry air during these seasons. In cold weather, humidity drops, and people try to create warm environments through indoor heating. However, this increases dry air, which can cause our skin and nasal cavity to dry, leading to sinuses, nose bleeding, and sickness. Note that the mucus traps viruses.

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Therefore, when it dries out, we have a high chance of catching the flu. But, during warmer months of the spring, the mucus comes back; hence you can forget about handkerchiefs and tissues if you don’t have allergies. 

Radiant sunlight– the dreaded cold weather in winter can make our planet dull. But during spring, the radiant rays of the sunshine and bring enough warmth. This, therefore, means it’s time to say goodbye to the heavy coats and put on a light one that will take you through the day. If you love watching sunrise or sunset, this is the right time for that. 

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Motivates You to Workout Outside– sure, the weather shouldn’t be an excuse for not working out. But research has found out that working out outside increases our energy levels more than working indoors. It reduces tension, helps us feel revitalized, and creates a ton of other positive effects. Also, the same research concluded that when people work out in fresh air, they enjoy the experience and will likely exercise again. 

It’s why some experts recommend using nature as our gym to motivate us to stick to our exercise routine. But note that these benefits can also be enjoyed in winter only that it’s easier for us to run when the weather is warm. 

Time for Flowers to Bloom – flowers begin to bloom during long days and warm months. According to research, looking at flowers can make a person happy, reducing their pain and anxiety. Many experts claim that seeing flowers has long-term and immediate mood-lifting effects. Geraniums, for instance, is viewed as a symbol of happiness and is said to create positive emotions by Americans. And you can see it blooming during spring.

A Greener Environment-many plants and trees grow significantly during spring. Some trees can support new leaves as early Mid-March, but others take longer. The spring of fresh green leaves on trees creates a shade for us, which protects us against hot summer temperatures. Additionally, scientists believe that vegetation plays a significant role in controlling the effect of heat. Trees release water back to the air through evaporation. And according to the EPA, this cools down the surrounding areas by up to 9 Fahrenheit. 

More Baby Animals Can be Seen- if you want to see chicks, ducklings, a songbird, piglets, bunnies, and other baby animals, spring is the time for this. You can go outside and take beautiful photos and videos to remind you of these amazing creatures.

Allows Us to Be More Creative– a University of Michigan study found out that being outside during spring can boost a person’s moods and change how he/she thinks. Participants who spent time outside had opened minds, which helped them be open to new information and have creative thoughts. We believe it’s why Easter falls in the spring: to allow us to spend time with our loved ones within a new and radiant environment. 

We Get Vitamin D Naturally– the sun motivates our bodies to produce vitamin D, which helps keep our bones strong. It isn’t easy to get vitamin D during winter since we’re not exposed to the sun. But, in warm, favorable weather during spring, we can bask outside and let the sun promote this essential vitamin. 

Best for Physical and Mental Health studies claim that spending time outside makes us feel more relaxed, and this influences our hearts and brain’s health. Since temperatures are favorable, you can comfortably workout or do nature walks. Being outside when it’s extremely cold or hot isn’t comfortable. 

New environment– plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Photosynthesis helps them convert sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water into food, and by so doing, release oxygen to the environment. Note that plants take in approximately 25% of the carbon emissions we release through photosynthesis. Therefore, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air is significantly reduced during spring and summer but rises in the winter since most plants are not growing. 

Fresh Farm Produce– spring is the harvesting time for many vegetables and fruits. You can easily find greens, rhubarb, pear, and another farm produce. Note that veggies and fruits play an essential role in our bodies. An Australian study conducted in 2015 revealed that participants felt happier and healthier after increasing their fruits and vegetable intake.

Enjoy the Fresh Breeze– spring brings fresh air with it. It’s a time to open your windows and enjoy the cool breeze in your house. By so doing, it also ventilates your home. Being in a not well-ventilated place can increase indoor pollutants’ concentration like building materials, stoves, cleaning product fumes, etc., which threaten your comfort and health. Open up your windows and doors during spring and allow fresh air to flow in. 

What Activities Can I Do During Spring?

Spring is a fresh start for everyone and everything. It’s a time for leaves to grow and flowers to bloom even as the weather warms out. Therefore, you can take advantage of these favorable temperatures to enjoy some time outside. Here are some ideas on what you can do during this season. 

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  • Go Shoppingdonate or toss your old clothes. And shop for new ones since new trends arrive in stores during this season. Plus, you can purchase some new clothes for the winter season. 
  • Attend a Food Festival– most farmer’s markets and food festivals aren’t opened during winter. So, when they begin opening during spring, you should consider joining them. You can shop for various foods and fruits that are in season and are tasty. 
  • Enjoy a Picnic Outside– get your loved ones together for a memorable outdoor lunch to kick start this season. 
  • Time for Thorough Cleaning– it’s called spring cleaning for a reason. While technically, the year starts in January, spring is a time for rejuvenation. Declutter your house, clean and organize your space. 
  • Attend Baseball Tournaments– determine when your favorite team is playing and show your support by attending. During these tournaments, you can enjoy beer and fantastic food. 
  • Celebrate Holidays– some holidays like International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Earth Day happen in spring. And there are also other smaller ones like drink green beer on St. Patrick’s Day that you can celebrate. 
  • Attend an Art Festival or Go to a Rooftop Barspring weekends are an excellent time to visit these places. They are a perfect time to see artworks by local artists and enjoy their unique gifts. You can also quench your thirst by getting a drink from a rooftop bar in your city while enjoying stunning views. 
  • Go to a Movie Theatre- if you are a fan of movies, there’s no other better time than spring to visit a movie theatre. Check out listings in your location and plan for an exciting night. 
  • Attend a Concert Outdoors– most concerts and festivals happen during springs, including Coachella and Ultra

How Does Spring Affect Our Body and Mind?

Spring fever, although not officially recognized as a disease, is a real thing. And experts believe that it manifests in different ways. It’s why most people seem happy and celebrate the return of longer and warmer days after winter. 

So, what causes spring fever? An increase in daylight has various effects; it can help work out circadian rhythms, help us sleep better at night, and create an energetic feeling during the day.

While most research is anecdotal, evidence that spring energizes, rejuvenates, and betters our moods exist. Light informs our circadian clock to know when the dawn occurs; hence we become synchronized to earth. Additionally, light creates alerting effects on humans, thus can reduce depression, makes people less moody, and improves our cognitive activity. 

Spring days have more daylight, which encourages our brain to produce mood-lifting signals. Experts say that serotonin is released in high concentration during spring. This hormone is said to behind the spring fever phenomenon. A study published by Innovations in Neuroscience explains that sunlight encourages serotonin production through your skin. As such, you get the urge to be outside more when it’s favorable, which is why many people sunbathe. 

Additionally, some research suggests that the hippocampus’s size, the brain’s part that controls moods, changes during spring. A study conducted in 2015 examined the hippocampus size and its relations to the length of the days. While further studies are still needed, the researchers concluded that these two were correlated and that shorter days led to a decrease in the hippocampus’s size. Conclusions made were that using bright light therapies helped in mood-lifting and preventing eating disorders. 

Also, note that experts have linked a sudden urge to look for potential sexual partners with a hormonal rush. In men, for instance, testosterone levels are said to start increasing during spring to summer. And this hormone increases romantic feelings in women and men. A study conducted in Europe tested the testosterone levels of men in summer and winter and found out that the level was higher in summer. 

Some research concluded that there is no relationship between mood and temperature. However, some evidence suggests that winter creates a demand for warmer days, and when they arrive, they make people feel better. Something is satisfying and exciting about seeing the sun after several months, which elevates our moods and makes us think sharper and open-minded. 

What Products Should You Focus on?

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4. Adama Minerals Anti- Frizz Hair Care Package – Sweet Pear

This product utilizes clay minerals that lockout frizz and humidity in your hair. It provides effective cleansing and controls curls and frizz even in humid climates. Featured ingredients include:

  • Jojoba oil that treats the scalp.
  • Sunflower oil for adding shine.
  • Dead sea minerals to exfoliate and moisturize.
  • Vitamin B that’s rich in antioxidants circulation. 

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Final Thoughts

Spring is the most precious time out of the four seasons. And spring breaks don’t have to end after graduation. Head out during this time and enjoy the spring holidays and festivities. This will help you forget about the previous cold weather and refreshes your mind. And don’t forget to enjoy the first full moon, the paschal full moon that is predicted to happen on 28th March.

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