Nobody wants to look back upon the events of the last two years. But, 2022 is different. We are filled with new hope and new tools that can help us weather the next great global crisis. If you’re ready to finish out the next eight years of this decade with enthusiasm, start with this summer. Here are a few tips that will help you be your most confident self, achieve your goals, and master your domain.

Learn to relax.

We live in a fast-moving world. And, although you have to keep up, you should also prioritize downtime. One great idea here is to take a warm bath each night using Zion Health’s Ancient Clay Bath with Lavender to reduce pain, relieve psoriasis, and even heal sunburns. Meditation is another great way to relax, and Science of People explains that meditation can even reduce stress and strengthen your ability to relate to others.

Earn your degree.

Chances are, your job has been pushed to a home-based position. This may free up one to two hours every day that you can put toward bettering yourself for the future. Consider going back to school to earn your degree. You can choose anything from English to business to human resources management and everything in between. Getting a degree now is not only convenient and affordable but it also opens up lots of opportunities in the future.

Change jobs.

If you already have your degree but you’re unhappy in your current career, change it. Businesses everywhere are hiring, and you should have no problem finding a new job. Take steps to make yourself stand out by drafting a professional resume. You can check out the free resume templates online and customize your favorite with your own professional experience, photographs, and other features that might help you stand out, such as text and colors.

Look at your finances.

When you’ve already gotten a new job, but you’re still having trouble making ends meet, you can squash financial stress by saving money. Don’t worry, or not gonna tell you to stop buying your Starbucks every morning. The few dollars you spend on this isn’t going to make that big of an impact. One thing that will, however, is refinancing your home. If your interest rate is one to two percent higher than the current rate, you could save hundreds of dollars each month. Further, given rising home values, you might even cash out to help pay off other debt and still maintain the same payment.

Reevaluate your diet and exercise habits.

Perhaps you’ve gained weight during quarantine and can’t shake it. Or, you may have noticed that you can’t keep up with the kids quite like you could before the pandemic. Whatever physical changes you underwent during lockdown restrictions, it’s time to reclaim your health now. Plan exercise with your family, which Performance Health asserts can improve your memory and mood along with your physical health and family bond. You can also change up some of your unhealthy dietary habits. For example, if you like French fries, eat sweet potato fries instead. Men’s Journal notes that sweet potatoes are low in calories and high in fiber. Plus, they taste great.

Change your hair.

A hairstyle change may be all you need to have more confidence. A short pixie cut, new curls, or even a bright and vivid color will all go a long way toward helping you reimagine your self-image. No matter what you do to your hair, take care of it with quality hair masks and serums, which can leave you with a softer and more manageable mane than you’ve ever had.

If you’re in a funk after the last few years, you’re not alone. However, the above tips, from learning how to relax to going back to school and changing your career, can help you look ahead. 2022 is your year to shine, don’t be afraid to let your light come out!