The causes of cellulite are largely unknown, but it is widely believed that those pesky lumps and bumps are due to a range of factors including hormonal changes, genetics, pregnancy, or an inactive lifestyle. Cellulite seems to appear due to an interaction of the connective tissue in the dermis layer of the skin, and the layer of fat under that tissue called adipose tissue. The adipose tissue becomes inverted, and pushes against the connective tissue, which causes those crater-like bumps to appear. While cellulite, (often referred to as cottage cheese or orange-peel skin) can be tricky to get rid of, there is an anti-cellulite cream that uses caffeine active ingredients to target cellulite causing cells. Caffeine helps dilate blood vessels under the skin which helps increase circulation, aids in toning the tissue, and provides smoothing effects on the skin. This helps in the appearance of bumpy cellulite typically found on the hips, buttocks, legs, stomach, and arms.

This anti-cellulite and hydrate care cream will target cellulite at the source by using two patented formulas: adiposlim and silstem-u, by working together to achieve better skin texture and reducing the overall occurrence of cellulite from the source. Adiposlim, a patented formula in this hydration cream, helps balance the body’s blood glucose levels. This allows for the fat to be transported and burned for energy consumption, which prevents fat cells from being stored in stubborn areas. With a reduction in fat cells, there aren’t cells interacting with connective tissue to form cellulite. SIlstem-U contains ingredients like milk thistle extract and bearberry leaf extracts. Bearberry leaf helps fight free radicals that pose possible damage to the skin in the form of wrinkles as well as loose, sagging skin. Free radicals break down the skin’s collagen, making it vulnerable for pesky skin problems. Milk thistle extract specifically targets the adipocyte stem cells before they can differentiate or develop into adipose (fat) tissue. This ingredient helps reduce fat cells from developing and storing in those problem areas to begin with. Together, these two extracts help healthy surface skin maintain its integrity.

Alongside these patented formulas, this hydration care cream will aid in the reduction of orange skin texture. Coffee arabica seed extract is another important ingredient in this product that helps the skin by improving blood flow and toning cellulite.  Key components in this product include shea butter, which produces firm skin through ultra-hydration, as well as cocoa butter and horse chestnut seed extract. This extract is of special interest because it reduces inflammation and promotes good vein health. By creating a healthy vascular system, the oxygen-rich blood can be transported to the tissues that need it the most. Oxygenating tissue means there is a greater chance at observing smooth and cellulite-free skin.

These lifting ingredients come together to create an effective cellulite body treatment that can repair the surface of the skin by stopping cellulite at the source. Not only does it contain highly rated patented formulas, but it is vegan, gluten free and contains no parabens. This product will help skin fight against the agents that cause cellulite. As skin becomes more prone to cellulite with age, and especially in women who a naturally pre-disposed to these deposits of adipose fat tissue, this cream will improve texture as well as elasticity.