The appearance of gray hair can cause alarm, especially if you are below 30 years old. However, considering the many challenges people face in life, you shouldn’t panic when you spot your first white streaks when you are still in your 20’s. Similar to other hair problems, gray hair can be prevented. And the sooner you embrace it, the better you learn how to live with it.

What Causes Gray Hair?

Dr. Eric Schweiger, a New York Dermatologist, attributes gray hair to the reduction of melanin production. In your hair, there are pigment cells known as melanocytes. These are responsible for creating melanin which is responsible for giving color to your hair. The primary and natural cause of reduced melanin production in the hair is age. However, a couple of factors can contribute to gray hair appearing when you are still in your 20’s.

They include;

  • Cigarette smoking – Research has shown that young people who smoke cigarettes are more likely to develop gray hair than their counterparts who do not smoke.
  • Prolonged use of chemical hair dyes and hair products – Another cause of hair going gray prematurely is prolonged use of products that feature chemicals such as bleach and hydrogen peroxide, which are known to stop melanin production. Try to avoid over usage of chemical hair dyes and hair products if you do not want to increase your chances of your hair turning gray.
  • Genetics – This is the leading cause of gray hair. Ask around when your parents or grandparent’s hair started going gray. If it happened in their 20’s, then it may also happen to you. Sometimes we can’t change things we don’t like, and sadly our genetics is one of them.
  • Stress – When you are in a state of stress, your body cannot produce melanin. So, if you are reading this post feeling like you are about to lose your mind, take a step back and breathe as you are worsening things.
  • Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency – Lack of vitamin E, D, B-12, B-6, and biotin can cause your hair to go gray prematurely. There are certain health conditions or things that happen to our bodies if we have a vitamin or mineral deficiency, such as hair loss, bleeding gums or dandruff.
  • Oxidative stress – Caused by obesity, pollutants, and unhealthy lifestyle habits, this refers to the disturbance in the production of free radicals and antioxidant defenses. Oxidative stress also slows down melanin production.
  • Certain health conditions – The likes of thyroid dysfunction can affect melanin production as well. Alopecia is an auto-immune skin condition that leads to hair loss. Quite often, people with this condition always grow white hair.

How to Embrace Going Gray?

When your hair starts going gray, as mentioned earlier, the sooner you embrace it, the better how you learn to live with it. Gray hair is nothing to be ashamed of, and as a matter of fact, it is an indication that you are wiser and more mature. If you have accepted the silver strands on your hair, here is how to embrace this change.

  1. Use a clarifying/silver shampoo. Because gray hair lacks pigment, it’s straightforward for it to turn yellow. A clarifying shampoo prevents that from happening by removing impurities and free radicals that may accelerate this process. By using a clarifying or silver shampoo, your can keep your gray hair looking fabulous.
  2. Invest in a hydrating hair mask. Silver hair tends to be drier, and that’s why you should opt for a hydrating hair mask to counter those effects.
  3. Gray hair also requires proper trimming. To embrace your new look, find a cut that suits this type of hair better. Your hairstylist can help with that.
  4. 4. Protect your hair from the sun. Because of its porosity and texture, gray hair burns fast and quickly. Be very careful when using hair tools.
  5. Be cautious with hair products. By now, you shouldn’t be using harsh chemical hair products. Instead of oily serums and waxes, opt for shine spray, which makes silver strands look healthier.
  6. Choose your make-up and clothes color carefully. Regarding the make-up, keep off tawny colors and opt for rose or peach. Choose to complement colors such as deep purple, white, gray, and black about the clothes.

A Guide to Preventing Gray Hair

Understandably, not everyone can be willing to embrace gray hair. And if that’s the case, here are tips that can help prevent hair from going gray by increasing melanin production.

You may have to spend most of the time at the salon, but it will be worth it. • The best way for you to cover gray hair is by coloring it. Highlighting is an easier way of retaining the pigment color of your hair.

The Importance of Adhering to a Strict Diet in Preventing Premature Gray Hair

Our bodies are a true reflection of what we eat. And one of the essential nutrients that can prevent and combat premature gray hair is vitamins. Foods such as raw seeds, melon, kiwi, pineapples, citrus fruits, and other rich sources of vitamins play a significant role in preventing gray hair. Supplements can also nourish your body and improve melanin production while ensuring you are healthier.

Below are some of the vitamins you should consider when dealing with gray hair;

Additional ingredients worth looking for include niacin that nurtures hair, biotin, an essential component needed in hair and nail growth, and inositol that promotes hair growth.

Our Top Pick of Products Made for Gray Hair

#1. Zion Health Clarifying Shampoo Lemon Mint

This shampoo is made to de-stress both the hair and mind while removing impurities, buildup, and toxins. It makes hair bouncier and balances its pH levels. Formulated using lemon oil, ionic clay minerals, chamomile extract, aloe, glycerin, and cucumber extract, these ingredients work to reclaim hair vibrancy.

#2. Deep Conditioning Intense Repair Hair Mask with Argan Oil

Gray hair is more vulnerable to becoming dull and dry. And this calls for hydration. Made using Argan oil that makes hair bouncier and softer, this hydrating mask will introduce shea butter, hydrolyzed barley protein, ionic clay minerals, vitamin E, and lemon essential oil into your hair. 

These ingredients are perfect for damaged, chemically treated, and color-treated hair. The hydrating properties of this mask add elasticity and shine to gray hair.

#3. Zion Health Vanilla Jasmine Repair Conditioner

If you are looking for the best product for gray hair, this conditioner will work wonders for you. Other than restoring softness and shine, it strengthens hair and replenishes lost minerals. It comprises dead sea salt, tocopherol, panthenol, aloe, hydrolyzed soy protein, glycerin, sunflower oil, and jojoba oil.

Allow us to focus on the last ingredient slightly. Jojoba oil is an ideal ingredient for gray hair; it moisturizes and improves texture. It’s also a remedy for dry and flaky scalps. And what we love about this ingredient is how it seals moisture in the hair shafts, thus preventing the entry of chemicals and pollutants that accelerate premature gray hair.

#4. Zion Health Vanilla Jasmine Repair Shampoo

The vanilla scent of this shampoo will make you always long for a hair wash. The main ingredient found in this shampoo is Dead Sea salt that contains high amounts of minerals. These promote hair growth and get rid of impurities and excess oil in the scalp and hair. It works best when used alongside the Zion Health Vanilla Jasmine Repair Conditioner.

The Bottom Line

Do not panic when your hair starts going prematurely; it is normal, and as you can see from above, it can be caused by many things. Stressing over it only worsens the situation. There are two ways to go about this change: embrace it or use the above tips to prevent it. Zion Health understands that this transition may not be easy, and that’s why we recommend the following natural products that will help you manage and take care of gray hair.

Use Zion Health and Beauty Products if You Want to Avoid Getting Gray Hair.

Some of us do not mind gray hair. Some consider it stylish and will pay to have their hair dyed gray. However, not all of us want to have gray hair. Besides following we have outlined toady; you can also use certain health and beauty products to decrease your chances of getting gray hair. 

Check out of website for the products we mentioned that can help your hair from turning gray, and others to have a healthy body inside and out. All Zion Health and beauty products are vegan, organic, contain no parabens, and are cruelty-free. Our goal is to give you the best skin of your life while also giving you peace of mind, knowing that what goes on your face is truly clean and safe.

Stay Up to Date with The Latest in News Your Body and Skin Can Use. Check out some of our other blog posts for helpful information regarding skin health and the maintenance of a healthier lifestyle. We have talked about in the past how important is it to have a good morning and nighttime skincare routine to maintain your skin’s health and vitality.

While diet and an overall healthy lifestyle and the use of specific health and beauty products can help minimize gray hairs, there’s only so much that you can do to control the natural loss of melanin in your hair follicles.

There’s also a significant genetic component to graying your hair. If your parents dealt with premature grays, the chances are that you will too.

Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t try to slow down the graying process. Maybe you didn’t think that taking specific vitamins can help your hair from turning gray.  

For your skin, there are certain things you can do to help your skin be healthy and looking fantastic. It starts with educating yourself on things that help with precisely that.  

As anything goes with health and beauty, it goes the same for your skincare; make sure you stay informed about your ingredient’s labels and products.

Alcohol in skincare may sound like an oxymoron; however, some alcohol is good for your skin. 

Check out our blog, “The Truth About Alcohol in Skincare: It’s Not All That Bad,” which shows the importance of educating yourself on any products for your health and beauty routines.