Hair loss or thinning hair can be frustrating, and there are many different causes. Some of these causes include genetics, medical conditions, stress, aging, or damage to hair. Hair loss typically happens from an issue of the scalp. A single hair grows from the root, or follicle, which is underneath the epidermis skin layer of the scalp. The follicle is like a tunnel within the epidermis layer that extends deeper into the dermis layer of skin. At the base of every follicle is the papilla, which contains tiny blood vessels, called capillaries that provide nutrients to the hair. When there is a hair growth issue, using a hair multiplier serum will help penetrate the deep layers of the scalp to stimulate hair follicles which is needed to promote hair growth.

It’s important to know that there are 4 main phases of hair growth: anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen. The first and most important phase is anagen, which is the stage where about 90% of hair stays in. The most growth happens in this phase which is why this scalp treatment is so effective because it works at the level of the follicle. Providing nutrients and stimulation allows for the cells to continue dividing quickly and correctly which allows new hair to grow. The active ingredients in this patented formula work together to strengthen hair in the anagen phase during rapid cell growth therefore promoting overall hair growth.

Using an anti-hair loss serum is important because hair loss starts at the basic level of the follicle. A follicle anchors each hair into your skin, and you can find a hair bulb that forms at the base of the follicle. In this bulb, cells continuously grow and divide at a fast rate. This process of cell division is what ultimately leads to the growth of a single hair. To promote hair growth, a scalp treatment with active ingredients including anagain, baicapil, and turmeric will provide all the necessary nutrients to prevent hair loss from the start.

Anagain ingredients mainly include pea sprout extract, which helps reduce hair loss. Anagain helps activate dermal papilla cells (DPC’s) that can be found right under the hair follicle. DCP’s play a vital role in initiating new hair growth by sending molecular signals that lead to cell regeneration. By restoring the activity of the DCP cells, the new cells go on to form healthy follicles.

Baicapil ingredients contain lactic acid, which is really important for breaking down build up on the scalp. Build up is caused from products which lead to dead skin cells clogging hair roots. Baicipil benefits include dissolving the buildup and allowing the root to grow while also providing moisture. Your hair will also feel more moisturized and less dry.

Turmeric also plays an important role with its rich antioxidants which aids in fighting free radicals. Free radicals are damaging and can cause oxidative stress to your hair which kills healthy cells and doesn’t promotive positive hair growth. This serum also contains soybean extract which has a ton of vitamin E. Not only is vitamin E great at fighting those free radicals, but it also moisturizes your hair which is a great added benefit.

ICI-Hair is a lightweight serum not only promotes hair growth, but it restores hair fullness without the greasy feeling of other hair products. This is the best hair growth serum where all these specific ingredients will work together to stimulate hair follicles to create fuller, thicker, and stronger hair. Hair growth results from this patented formula will leave your hair healthier without product buildup. By taking care of the scalp and penetrating all the different layers to directly impact the hair follicle, the serum can start working right at the beginning of the hair growth cycle.

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