Calcium montmorillonite is also known as the Living Clay because of its capability to change and grow. It is being used as a detoxifying agent because it can effectively absorb harmful toxins and take them out of the body. This edible clay is also used to treat ailments and diseases by ingestion or oral consumption. It consists of many different kinds of minerals that are essential to make the body healthy and promote natural healing process.

One of the most common uses of this edible clay is to treat and cure gum diseases and other mouth problems. The Living Clay is rich in calcium which is the most important mineral needed by the teeth. It could strengthen the teeth and helps improve the hardness of the enamel. It is also great for gum diseases like gingivitis, gum recession, and pyorrhea. The minerals in this edible clay are effective in aiding the repair of gum tissues and could help stop and cure receding gums. Gum recession is the main contributor to tooth sensitivity and this could cause pain every time you will eat something hot or cold.

Calcium montmorillonite clay could eliminate or kill bacteria in your mouth thus reducing the risk of developing oral problems and diseases that could damage the gums and the teeth. This magnetic clay will absorb the bad bacteria that can be found in the gums. It is effective for preventive and curative purposes so you can use it to prevent any gum problems or to treat existing disorders. It is advisable to use pure calcium montmorillonite clay because it is the best kind meant for consumption.

The Living Clay is also effective in removing tartar, gum abscess or the accumulation of pus in the gum line, and could stop gingivitis or the bleeding of the gums. You’ll just have to let the edible clay stay in your mouth for a few minutes until it melts. You can also use the edible clay as a mouthwash or solution for gargling and this could heal mouth and throat sores. It could also eliminate and kill bad bacteria that could cause bad breath.

Calcium montmorillonite clay can compete with some of the best toothpaste brands because it really cleans for the teeth exceptionally well. You can also use the edible clay as toothpaste and there are clay toothpastes available on the retail market that are completely natural – made with calcium montmorillonite clay. Because it can get rid of bad bacteria, it can prevent gum diseases, gum decay, tooth decay, and cavities. If you are already experiencing some gum problems, you can apply some of this edible clay overnight and you will soon notice an improvement with the condition of your gums. If you will use the edible clay regularly, you can be sure that your gums will not recede easily. It is also good in making the teeth whiter and brighter. This can mean that the number of your visits to your dentist’s office will be reduced because you can achieve a healthier mouth, teeth, and gums.

You can have all of these benefits just by using the edible clay. It is natural and will not cause any bad side effects. It is really meant to be taken internally because this is how you could get the maximum benefits that it could give. Another great thing about it is that it is not expensive so you will not have to spend lots of money just to get all of its benefits and advantages.