The COVID-19 pandemic is among the most devastating things that the world has been through. It brought sadness, fear, and uncertainty to many. But even as it continues to ease, many people are still a bit reluctant and unsure. And experts say that adjusting to everyday life will not be that easy. It’ll take time before individuals go back to social activities and conversing as they did before.  

Now, a year ago, when we were being advised to quarantine ourselves, most of us dreaded this time, and we could not wait for when we will be able to go to the public freely and interact with other people. As things begin to settle down and the freedom, we once yearned for is granted, some of us are hesitant to go back to our norm.

But since life has to go on for those of us who are lucky enough to have made it this far, only being prepared will help you deal with the new reality.

Here are some tips to help Adjust to a Post Covid Life.

1. Be Realistic with Your Expectations

If you don’t want to have disappointments, have reasonable expectations. And that calls for listening to the news coverage rather than following tweets.

It’s normal to feel anxious even as we go back. One can still wonder whether there safety first, will be jeopardized when interacting with the public or they will be risking their lives since coronavirus is unpredictable. Thus, if you experience anxiety in any form, there is nothing wrong with you.

It’s also expected that individuals will feel awkward in social situations at first. Note that socializing requires practice to build it. But because we have been locked inside in a long time, our socializing skills have probably been affected. Even if you were a social person before the pandemic, you would still have to build your skills up again. There are some instances you will disagree on what is safe and what is not with the people in your life. And with some individuals being vaccinated and others not, it is normal for these disagreements to occur.

The pandemic life was hard. So do not expect everything to be the same way with your family, friends, and colleagues. Instead, prepare yourself for some frustrations, awkwardness, and annoyance since everyone is trying to adjust to new patterns and changed relationships. Although things will get better with time, having realistic expectations will save you from disappointments.

2. Live According to Your Values

Think of your priorities when planning the things and relationships to invest your time in. It’s easy to experience anxiety and depression if you follow what other people are saying. But, for the sake of your wellbeing, live as per your values.

Often, your choices will depend on the things that you believe in. For instance, if you value your friends and family, you’ll allocate more time to them, whereas someone who judges themselves based on rigid work demands will give most of their attention to that work.

Considering your values and living according to them will help you make solid decisions during these difficult times.

3. Try to Balance Things

It’s easier to fall into loneliness and depression at this time. It’s why some experts recommend engaging in rewarding activities to avoid negative thoughts and energy. So that means engaging in pleasurable activities that give you a sense of accomplishment. 

Most people find contentment from balancing between work, fun, social and relaxing activities. So, try to engage in all these things to uplift your mood.

Also, keep track of when you feel happy and those that you feel drained and ask yourself if there is anything you can do to better yourself. This will help you adjust accordingly to the new normal.

Taking up exercising daily or meditation to help balance the stresses of everyday life.

4. Think of Your Goals

Some people say that how we perceive time influences our goals and motivation. For example, senior adults or those with a severe illness feel like time is a warning. As such, many tend to seek a deeper connection with people who are close to them. However, individuals who think that time is open-ended are often focused on building new relationships and experiences.

Even now, as restrictions are loosening up, ask yourself whether you want to visit your relative or close friend in a small town that you grew up in or whether you want to make new friends by traveling to different locations.  Perhaps you can travel within the United States. However, there are certain rules to follow when traveling now, so make sure to read up on them.

If you are feeling braver, perhaps think about that family vacation you have been putting off, if comfortable, now can be a time for traveling international as well.

Although there may not be an answer or solution for these goals, do what feels most comfortable for you, one step at a time.

5. Make Good Use of Your Privileges

If you are vaccinated, healthy, and can return to normal activities, you’re lucky as we have been through a time of devastating losses. Even as you figure out how to spend your time, think about what you can do to help others. Research says that benefiting others positively impacts our emotional health. So, if you can, you should not be reluctant about it.

Many people and communities are now in desperate need. Therefore, think of helping them be it moneywise, resource-wise, or timewise.

As things cool down, don’t expect life to be the same as before the pandemic. Instead, be grateful and wise when choosing what to do during these times.

How Do I Get Involved After Covid-19

Social distancing and isolation have kept us from interacting with those we love and meeting new people. This made things lonely, and now more than ever, many people desire to connect with others. The collective community needs a lot of time to rebuild as it has been broken. But, although it can be frustrating to re-enter society, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you live an enriched life and reconnect to the community even as things are slowly returning to normal. Here are some things you can do:

Join a Local Choir or Band

If you are a music lover, this is an opportunity for you to showcase your talent. Look for church choirs or private bands looking for people to audition. Don’t be scared if you aren’t perfect because often, these groups will let you practice and perfect your skills. You can also meet a private tutor in them. So don’t be afraid to ask.

Assist in Building a Home

This is an excellent way of helping others, if getting some dirt on your hands does not bother you. Some churches and charity programs are doing physical activity. And joining them can be an opportunity to

travel the world, too, even as you are exploring your passions. Even if you don’t practice the religion, they’ll still welcome you to these groups as the aim is to help others.

Start a Community Garden

A community garden gathers the neighbors together in a safe space. And what’s important is the things you decide to grow. You can even choose to prepare a meal and gather your neighbors to it. Or, if you live in an area that limits individuals to community space, consider joining or starting a residential council or clean-up team. The aim is to bring the neighbors together. If you can do that, any activity (as long as it’s legal) can be done.

Connect with People That Share Your Interests

Look for and attend meetings and events of people that share the same interest as you. You can get them online or visit the parks and recreation department in your state. Note that this department usually organizes events like trips to shopping malls, theatre production, or festivals. And attending such trips would be a great way of reliving your high school days.

If Your College Has a Fraternity or Sorority, Think about Pledging

While movies have made pledging seem intimidating to join, they are not like that at all. These are just people who’ve come together to support and better each other. Often these groups do a lot of charity or community work and support the personal growth of their members. However, because their focus varies, look for a group that meets your interests.

Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill will help you connect with other people that have the same interest as you. Look for courses in a nearby university that are perfect for non-traditional students. You can also check whether the university offers night classes for job-related or hands-on skills. These classes can include a refrigerator and other electronic repairs and can be very rewarding.

Join a Social Club

There are all sorts of social clubs, from members who share a meal at least every week to those that include traveling. Social clubs can be perfect for anyone since everyone shares a similar purpose, which is to socialize. Join one that meets your interest as well as your commitment level. Search keywords of your town and your interest and choose a suitable one from the list.

Support a Good Cause

There is no other better time to do this than now. For example, for those who love animals, you can look for rehabilitation and rescue centers that accept volunteers. Sure, this doesn’t sound like a fun thing to do. But it allows you to better your community and meet new friends along the way. If you love children, you can also look for support charities or court advocacy that allow you to stand with and defend them. These small actions can significantly change the lives of many people. Therefore, search and join a local organization that desperately needs your help.

How to Build Healthy Relationships with Your Friends and Family

Having great work friends can make you more productive and happier at work. But it’s even more important to have these friends during the coronavirus pandemic. Now that individuals are socially distancing and working from home, having such friends is essential to your mental health and overall wellness.

Work friends help you gain perspective and self-control, which are essential in the workplace. Here are some tips to reconnect and build healthy relationships with your friends and relatives that you may have been separated from when the pandemic started.

·    Reach Out to Them and Be Straightforward

There’s no point in hiding your emotions from these people. Call or text them and ask them whether you can reconnect. You can say something like this “Hi, we’ve not spoken in a while, and I feel bad about it. Can we meet up for…? You can say something like dinner, coffee, or go for a walk.

·    Join a Club or Meeting

If you want to make new friends post the pandemic, you must try chatting to one or two people at least twice a week. If you cannot attend these clubs and meetings, you can join an online support team or participate in social gaming or use social media apps like Peloton and business apps like LinkedIn.

·    State Your Personal Covid-19 Preferences

It is vital that these people you are planning to meet with know what you prefer. Let them know your preferences when it comes to wearing masks, touching, hugging, vaccination issues, etc. Note that everyone has their own rules and opinions. So, starting them early will help avoid unnecessary fights.

·    Practice Honesty

Sometimes we lie when we feel the need to hide our emotions from people. However, pretending so that you create a specific image for them only hurts your relationship. True friendships require one to be authentic and honest. And since friends are there to support each other, you should let them know what’s going on.

·    Host Reconnecting Events Outdoors

Since the spread of Covid-19 is lower, consider meeting with your friends outside the house. Take a walk or go on a hike. Being outdoors is the best medicine.  

·    Reach Out for Support

Many people are afraid to seek the support they need and deserve because they are so scared of being rejected, ashamed, proud, low self-esteem, or busy. But, have some compassion for yourself and understand that isolation resulted from the pandemic, and it’s not anyone’s fault. So, advocate for yourself as much as you advocate for other people. Remember that seeking support doesn’t mean that you are weak. Plus, everyone needs it. So don’t be afraid to ask for it from your friends and family.

·    Take Your Time to Reconnect

Some people reconnect faster than others. While some are easy-going, some are sensitive and cautious. If you fall to the latter, don’t let anyone or anything pressure you to reconnect. Pushing yourself to move forward too quickly when you are not ready will leave you anxious and stressed.

·    Listen

Relationships are two-sided, meaning your friends support you, and you do the same. So, make sure that you hear, understand, and emphasize with them. Doing so also betters your mental health.

·    Contact Those Who Are in Your Support Network

Identify people who provide you with emotional, logistical, familial, community, friendship, and spiritual support. Then, reach out to one or two of them every day. You can call or text them or use any other method that you are comfortable with.

It’s also a good idea to send them a handwritten card of what they mean to you and your desire to reconnect with them.

How the Pandemic Impacted Relationships

Social distancing and isolation have prevented our ability to engage with our friends and family. As such, many people are missing their loved ones and are also afraid of losing touch with them as they no longer meet in person.

However, for some people, the pandemic has had a positive impact on their relationships. Some say that they could spend more time and bond with their spouses, children, and other family members who had to spend most of their days in school or at work. Others also say that regular video calls have helped them to connect with distant family members.

The Bottom Line

When we talk about building enough immunity in the population to blunt COVID-19, we usually refer to herd immunity. But the inflection point comes first, which is the point where there’s enough immunity, through vaccination and previous infection, which cases begin to decline consistently. The economy will now start to pick now since businesses are opening back up, and people are returning to the office.

Though people are still cautious about their reunions, just being able to hug and meet face-to-face brings up big feelings.  It’s a visceral release when you can touch someone who means something to you.  You’ve been working so hard to try to feel okay that it allows for an escape, and you let go.  If COVID-19 has taught us anything, we must appreciate our relationships with friends, family, and other loved ones, not take them for granted, and enjoy every moment with them.

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Check out some of our other blog posts for helpful information regarding skin health, and the maintenance of a healthier lifestyle.  Now that we are adjusting our lives back to what we deem normal, there will be stress times and situations, and it important that you are equipped to handle it properly. 

Things such as deep breathing and meditation can work wonders during these trying times of adjustments.  To learn more about these two subjects more in-depth, check out blogs, “The Introduction to Meditation,” and “What Are the Benefits of Deep Breathing?”

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