There are so many products in the skincare world. And all of them promise to make your skin better. Now, squalene or squalane are common ingredients in beauty products. While they play a similar function, one is more stable and efficient than the other. Today, we talk about the differences between them, their benefits, and some of the best products containing these ingredients. Continue reading to learn more. 

What Is Squalene?

Our sebaceous glands naturally produce squalene in our skin. We often produce sebum that contains wax esters, triglycerides, and squalene. It’s simply a colorless liquid that occurs naturally in some plants and animals. It is poly-unsaturated hydrocarbon lipid produced by our bodies to keep the skin well lubricated. Science believes that squalene makes around 10-12% of the oil on our skin, making it vital for the skin. But, this efficacy has made many people manufacture it unethically. The best place to harvest it is from plant sources like rice bran, olives, and wheat germ. Usually, this lipid comes in two forms: squalene and squalane. They are all effective, but the one with an a has better stability can stay for a long time.

What Is Squalane?

It is a lighter derivative of squalene, which makes it suitable for acne-prone skin. Squalane is not oxidized. As such, it has a longer shelf life compared to squalene. It’s why it is favored in skincare.

Uses of Squalane and Squalene.

Both these ingredients are used in beauty products as they are emollient and offer antioxidant benefits. They have been used for many years in treating wounds and other skin issues. Squalane has been found to reduce wrinkles, lightening freckles, and hyperpigmentation, eliminating scars and reversing damages caused by exposure to UV rays. It also fights the free radicals that promote rapid aging, and some people use it as a spot treatment. 

Our oil glands naturally produce squalene, and it helps keep the skin moisturized while protecting its barrier. Like squalane, it can also fight damage from free radicals as it is a natural antioxidant. Unfortunately, as we age, the production of this lipid fat slows down. It is why some people invest in products containing this ingredient. 

But note that squalene isn’t stable in its natural form. Therefore, it is usually converted to squalane during the saturation process for skincare uses. A process called hydrogenation is used to turn thee into a when converting squalene into squalane. If squalene is exposed to air, it gets oxidized and losses its benefits. It, therefore, needs to be converted to squalane to make it more stable for use in creams, serums, and oils. 

Where Do We Get Squalane?

Sharks’ liver naturally contains a high concentration of squalane. It’s why shark liver oil has for a long time been used in cosmetic products. However, because of ethical issues, most companies nowadays don’t use squalane derived from sharks. It’s almost impossible to find it on shelves today. Instead, manufacturers use plant-based squalane derived from olive, rice, and other plant oils like wheat germ, sugarcane, amaranth seed, etc. 

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The Best Way to Use Squalane.

Maskne Care Kit-Zione health

Squalene and squalane are added to moisturizers. Since they are natural emollients, they can lock moisture in the skin and help prevent dryness and fine lines. While you can use any version, note that squalene is much heavier; hence best for mature, dry skin, and squalane is best for oily or acne skin. However, all skin, including the sensitive one, can benefit from these ingredients. Plus, as they help seal in moisture, they can help treat skin conditions that occur when the skin barrier is disrupted. 

These conditions include acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc. There are many ways to incorporate squalane into your skincare routine. It is available in almost all moisturizers. 

Who Shouldn’t Use Squalane?

Experts mainly recommend squalane as it doesn’t irritate the skin or cause allergies. Even if you have sensitive skin, you can still use it without worry. However, while it is unlikely that it’ll irritate, people with sensitive skin should be careful when trying new products. Conduct a patch test to ensure that you can tolerate it before applying large amounts. 

What Are the Benefits of Squalane to the Skin?

Applying squalane helps hydrate your skin. When your skin is well-moisturized, it looks healthier and more vibrant. Additionally, squalane contains antioxidants that help fight damages from free radicals that promote rapid aging. Also, it is a detoxifier that can help remove toxins and impurities from your skin. Plus, regularly using it can help boost the production of collagen hence it makes your skin more firm. Ensure that you apply the oil carefully as it has been directed for use on the product package. 

Acne-prone or oily skin is sensitive. The wrong product can cause severe blemishes and breakouts. Thankfully, squalane is safe to use for all skin types. If you want to take a break from greasy or heavy oils, squalane can be a great alternative. It penetrates the pores of your skin without making it feel heavy. 

Additionally, this ingredient comes with anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce swelling and redness. Plus, these properties make it suitable for fighting eczema, rosacea, dermatitis, and inflammatory acne. Dry skin is usually present with these conditions. Thankfully, squalane helps hydrate your skin hence boosting moisture levels while reducing dry patches. 


Note that although squalane will not clog your pores, some natural oils, bacteria, and dead skin cells can. Thus, wash your face with a gentle cleanser before applying squalane. Also, remember to exfoliate at least twice every week to get rid of dead cells. 

Squalene Benefits for Hair.

Apart from the face and body, you can also apply squalane to your hair. Moisturized hair is shinier and breaks less. While natural hair has its oil, factors like age and diet can make it dry out. Squalane makes your hair strands more vital, which prevents more damage to your hair. Massage a few drops of oil into your hair, scalp, and strands before rinsing. 

Side Effects of Squalane for Skincare.

Any skin care product presents a risk of irritation or allergic reaction, even with products that have been labeled safe to use. Squalane is not different. If you are a first-time user, don’t apply over your body immediately. Begin by patch testing it on the part of your skin, like your inner arm, to ensure that you’re not allergic to it. If you experience swelling, redness, or itchiness, you might be having an allergic reaction. 

Additionally, be aware of the impact of this ingredient on the environment. We’ve already mentioned that squalane can be harvested from sharks’ liver, which isn’t an environmentally friendly option. Therefore, always opt for squalane that comes from plants and not sharks. Such oil is eco-friendly and sustainable. 

The Five Benefits of Squalane.

1. Balances Oil 

Our sebaceous glands produce natural oils, which keep our skin from being dry. Environmental factors like hormone imbalance, harsh cleansers, etc., can cause the skin to dry. As such, the glands will over-produce sebum to make up for this loss. However, this overproduction can cause congestion leaving your skin feeling greasy. Thankfully, individuals can solve this by using oils that mimic your skin’s sebum, like squalane, squalene, jojoba, etc. 

2. Antioxidants

Squalane has antioxidant properties, which means it can reverse some of the effects caused by oxidative stress on your skin. Oxidative stress occurs when one exposes one skin to the sun and other environmental stressors. As a result, it causes free radical damage that can promote visible aging signs. Since antioxidants protect the skin from UV rays and these radicals, they can help slow down aging. Apart from that, these antioxidants also help reduce irritation. 

3. Hydration 

Transepidermal water loss is a real issue affecting some people. It occurs when the skin’s top layers lose moisture to the environment. Therefore, causing dryness or can make it worse if it is there. Since squalane is an occlusive ingredient, it prevents dryness and flakiness by acting as a thin film that prevents moisture loss. 

4. It’s an Emollient. 

As such, it helps your skin from drying or flaking. The ingredient provides your skin with a thin barrier that prevents moisture loss hence keeping your skin young and youthful. Protecting the skin barrier is essential, especially for sensitive skin or affected by psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, etc. By acting as a barrier between the skin and air, squalane helps prevent moisture loss. 

5. Fight Damage from Free Radicals

Squalane has been found effective in protecting the skin against damage from free radicals. Note that when oxidative stress occurs, which is a natural process in our bodies, it causes free radicals. Disturbing the balance of free radicals can cause cell damage, which can cause visible signs of aging. An article posted in Molecules’ journal claimed that squalene and squalane help fight the damage these radicals cause to the skin. The report also said similar compounds like vitamins E, A, and K have the same benefits as squalane when used topically. 

Is Squalane Vegan?

As it is mainly derived from vegetable oils like rice bran, wheat germ, and olive oil, it is usually vegan. Some people can also get it from shark liver oil, especially squalane, in dietary supplement forms. It’s essential to confirm where the squalane in the product you are using to ensure that it is vegan or vegetarian. 

Note that there is concern that deriving squalane from sharks poses a threat to their population. You can still enjoy the purported benefits of this ingredient without harming the animals or damaging the ocean’s ecosystem by using plant-based squalane.

Products to Focus on

1. Going Away Bundle Kit 

Plan your trip with this bundle trio kit to hydrate and keep your skin moisturized throughout. It contains age defense cleansing balm for cleansing and removing makeup. The balm is filled with vitamin E and jojoba oil to give your skin a radiance boost. Also included is Adama mineral anti-aging eye cream that penetrates deeply through your pores for adequate hydration and repair. It helps remove eye puffiness and dark circles while improving the flow of blood around the eye area.

 If you want to remove dullness and impurities, think of this product. The kit also includes ageless clay SC mega moisturizer, which comes with apple stem cells. By promoting blood circulation and cell regeneration, this product will make your skin smooth and resilient. It also contains minerals and phytochemicals that help get rid of toxins and bacteria

2. Wrinkle Defense Trio 

Wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines are some signs of aging. While it’s expected that they appear as we age, some products can help us get rid of them and restore our youthful skin. This defense trio is your best solution to fight visible aging signs. It contains ageless clay cream that has fruit and amino acid. Ingredients include ginseng extract, ionic minerals, flaxseed oil, green tea extract, and omega 3, 6, and 9. Rosehip is the featured ingredient highly concentrated with vitamin C to brighten the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation. It also comes with eye cream and hydrating cream. 

3. Summer Defense Bundle Kit 

Are you planning a vacation? Don’t forget to carry this kit. Sunburns aren’t something that you want to deal with after enjoying your summer vacation. Thankfully, this kit will protect you from the sun while preventing and reducing wrinkles. It contains a beauty bam with zinc oxide 20%, a mineral sunscreen containing anti-aging fruits peptides. This balm protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. It also includes hydrating spray to keep you fresh all day.

You can use it on the face and body as it is equipped with sodium PCA and other revitalizing minerals.

Sodium PCA is derived from vegetable oil and fruits. It’s fitted with absorbing properties that help absorb sweat. 

4. Adama Mineral Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Many people choose to conceal their scars instead of dealing with the issues. But when it comes to beauty, adding layers of makeup is time-consuming and can make things worse for delicate skin. Our squalane infused eye cream is your one-stop solution if you want to hydrate, purify and repair your skin. If dark circles are an issue, worry not as this odorless product contains anti-inflammatory properties that promote blood flow and balance under-eye fluid. 

Additionally, it encourages the production of collagen, which helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. As a result, it’ll prevent your skin from thinning and structure loss. Also, the product is rich in antioxidants, peptides, and fatty acids that moisturize the skin without congesting it. By dissolving dullness, this cream helps reveal energized eyes. Ingredients include;

Borage oil- extracted from borage Officinalis seeds. It has gamma-linolenic acid, a type of omega-6 fatty acid that makes it suitable for treating dry skin conditions. Additionally, it acts as anti-mutagenic, which prevents cancer cells from forming. 

  • Aloe vera oil
  • Kanwa minerals from montmorillonite clay 
  • Sunflower oil
  • Flaxseed oil 

Final Thoughts 

As we age, our body produces less squalane. As a result, it can cause your skin and hair to dry. Thankfully, many moisturizers containing this ingredient are available. Using them can keep your skin hydrated and increase the moisture level. As such, your skin will be healthier, brighter, and smoother. Isn’t that what we all want anyway? 

Get Better Skin by Using Zion Health Products’ Infused with Squalane and Other Skin Nourishing Ingredients. 

Compared to hyaluronic acid and retinol, squalene doesn’t get the recognition it deserves as an anti-aging ingredient. However, despite not being that popular, squalene is quite effective at putting a stop to the aging process and allowing people to regain their youthful skin. Squalanes in skin care is effective, safe, affordable, and should be part of your skincare routine. All Zion Health Beauty and Skincare Products are vegan, organic, contain no parabens, are made with all-natural ingredients and are cruelty-free. 

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Squalane in skincare is great for its anti-aging benefits, however, peptides work great to rebuild and repair damaged cells and signal skin to produce collagen, slowing the aging process. It’s a go-to moisturizer for a large range of women and men, including those with sensitive, dry and acne-prone skin.  Read more about Peptides and their skin benefits in our blog, “How to Use Peptides and Stop Aging Skin.”

Retinoids have always been the super star ingredient for anti-aging skincare.  It reduces fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen. They also stimulate the production of new blood vessels in the skin, which improves skin color. Additional benefits include fading age spots and softening rough patches of skin.  However some people have mixed opinions about retinoids.  Read more in our blog, What is Retinoid, and Do I Need It?” and see what your opinion is.

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