Branding a business is one of the most effective marketing strategies. It helps create a positive image and reputation for a company and its products or services. It includes logo design, choosing a color scheme, and writing as well as framing messages. Branding is what your audience will notice first. So, a lot of thought should be put into it.

Who Is a Brand Ambassador?

This is a person who positively represents a business or company. They help build trust in a company among its potential and existing customers. You can use brand ambassadors from Instagram or YouTubers to attract more people to your business.

Although the role of brand ambassadors is sometimes overlooked, they are important to an organization as they help build a brand on social platforms and reach out to customers consistently. Therefore, they establish customer relationships on a personal level that other marketing techniques like product placement or slogans can’t. Let’s discuss further who these people are, what role they play, and what to expect for someone who wants to become one.

What’s a Brand Ambassador?

They are also called brand representatives, influencers, or corporate ambassadors. These are people who’ve been employed by a company to represent it, its products, and services in a positive light by creating and maintaining brand identity.

Usually, companies choose their brand ambassador based on the number of followers they have, especially on their social media platforms. However, another consideration companies make is if their community of followers is the company’s target audience. But note that some companies can guide you on creating a huge following after they’ve hired you. So, you mustn’t always have an established following for you to qualify for brand ambassador jobs.

What’s the Role of a Brand Ambassador?

He or she is the face that the public associates with a particular brand. They are required to build and maintain their image as per their employer’s images and beliefs. Companies usually expect the brand ambassador to be consistent on social media by writing blogs about a company or their products or by attending launches/events to represent their brand.

They are required to be professional and have excellent communication skills. Their work is to maintain a positive relationship between a company and its customers, partners, and other associate brands.

Brand ambassadors are hired to increase brand awareness and help companies make more sales using various ways;

  • Promoting the brand on various social media platforms
  • Increasing brand awareness through word of mouth
  • Representing a company positively in different settings through action and demeanor
  • Assisting and being part of content creation such as product promotion, reviews, blogs, and posts
  • Being active in product and event marketing, like during launches and demonstrations
  • Constantly communicating with customers about their feelings about the product and recommendations
  • Being an expert on a brand’s product as well as the opinion leader

What Qualities Should a Brand Ambassador Have?


Companies hire brand ambassadors to establish and maintain a strong relationship with their customers. Loyal customers translate to an increase in sales. So the brand ambassador needs to be passionate about the brand, its products, and people and building relationships. When a customer feels strongly attached to a company, it builds the customer base and a lasting brand while increasing sales. After all, just like companies, consumers also want to build a trustworthy and consistent relationship. So a brand ambassador is like a mediator who ensures that this goal is successful.


Brand ambassadors are the images of a company representing not only their products/services but also their beliefs. It’s why they need to be always professional when interacting with individuals. That means demonstrating professionalism in your behavior and attitude. You need to make the other person feel like their ideas and feelings matter. Being professional helps paint a company positively and ensures a wonderful experience for customers and other prospects. Professionalism should also be seen in the way you network and ask engaging questions to potential customers. These will show that your intention is genuine and builds trust for the company.


A brand ambassador should be passionate about the brand and its products. Branding will be successful if the brand ambassador shows that they are enthusiastic about the brand. This will make more people from their following purchase from the brand. Customers are always looking for a brand ambassador to advise about the product, meaning that without passion, brand ambassadors can’t build effective and authentic communication with the consumers.

Strong Online Presence

Many businesses promote and raise brand awareness online. Since brand ambassadors are word-of-mouth marketers, they need to be always available for the consumers and their following. If you haven’t established a strong online presence with many followers, you must demonstrate that you can. Online presence helps increase customer reach and supports your marketing efforts.

Expert Marketers

Entry-level brand ambassadors often need a high school diploma or equivalent to qualify for the job. However, some companies may require one to have some form of higher education. All in all, what companies check is whether an individual has a sense of several marketing strategies and core principles. Note that branding is a form of marketing. So brand ambassadors need to possess marketing skills to engage with consumers and reach more customers online and on social media platforms.

Are Brand Ambassadors Same as Influencers?

No. Although they share some similarities, these are not the same people. Here’s the difference;

A brand ambassador uses word-of-mouth marketing (telling consumers about the product) to promote a brand. But an influencer promotes it through examples, that is, demonstrating to others how they use that product.

Companies approach influencers first and send them product samples if they want them to promote their product. But in most cases, brand ambassadors have promoted a product before they were even hired by a company.

Ambassadors promote a product they’ve actively used, but influencers mustn’t have used the product before promoting it.

Brand ambassador relationship with a company is usually for a long term while influencers have a short-term contract. They will promote the brand once or twice, but brand ambassadors do so repeatedly.

Companies consider people with a genuine love for an existing product when choosing a brand ambassador, but influencers are chosen on their capability to reach a big audience.

A brand ambassador often promotes a product for free, but with influencers, the company must pay them either using money or free products.

Brand ambassadors passionately promote the product since it stands out to them. However, some influencers can refuse to promote a product if it doesn’t stand out to them. This is true especially if they have various offers from assorted brands.

Similarities between Brand Ambassadors and Influencers

While there are many differences, these two share some similarities, including;

  • They’re both chosen for their authority in the brand, a field, or over an audience.
  • They’re both recruited to promote a product to their following and generate new customers.
  • Both must demonstrate enthusiasm when promoting a product. They must sound authentic without appearing as too salesy.
  • They both agree to promote a company’s product/services.
  • They both create and share content related to a particular brand.
  • They both help build trust in a certain product among new and potential customers.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is using people who can strongly influence a brand or their target audience. A company agrees with the influencer to expose their audience to the brand’s message and content, and in return, they’re paid using money or free products.

Since influencers have a large following, companies can gain more customers and make more sales when they talk about them in their messaging or content. This exposes the brand to its target audience meaningfully, naturally, and positively.

Why Consider Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing helps create brand awareness. Many marketers believe that it outshines brand-created content. Since this marketing is cost-effective, companies of all sizes can benefit from it. A company’s marketers can work with social media influencers to promote the brand using various activities like referral and contest programs.

Why Does Influencer Marketing Works?

Companies have always relied on word-of-mouth marketing. Influencer marketing is a form of word-of-mouth marketing that is done digitally. Since the activity takes place on digital platforms, companies can measure success by evaluating the number of shares, likes, etc.

Influencers have a large following on social media. These people consider them experts in their niches and depend on their opinions/recommendations. Influencers aren’t like traditional celebrities as they have established a strong rapport with their audience. So because of this, they can draw people to a specific brand and help a company achieve its marketing goals.

Influencer marketing campaigns happen on different social media channels. Therefore, companies should choose a platform where their audience spends most of their time. For instance, for B2C brands, especially those selling lifestyle and fashion products, Instagram is the best influencer marketing platform.

Let’s look at the different ways companies can use influencer marketing to raise brand awareness;

Use Influencers to Create Creative and Engaging Content

People follow influencers as their content is relevant to them. An influencer understands his/her audience and the content they find meaningful. As such, they create content that their audience relates to hence establish strong bonds and trust with their followers.

So, companies need to let influencers develop content by themselves, so they sound original. Your marketing team can work with them to ensure that the content is relevant and of high quality before they post it. Note that you might know your product/service, but they know how to approach their followers.

Companies can create some guidelines, but most of the work should be done by the influencers themselves as they know their audience.

Allow Influencers to Contribute to Your Blog

Guest posting is also another effective way of promoting your business. You can hire an influencer to write a guest post in your blog and let them promote it on their websites too. This way, both of you benefit from increased traffic.

When they share the blog link to their site, it increases brand awareness and builds trust towards your company from their audience. Guest posting from an influencer makes people perceive a brand as trustworthy.

But, getting the right influencer for this is not easy. However, tools like iFluenz can help you get suggestions of the best influencers for your audience persona.

Then, you can contact the suggested influencers, review their proposals, run campaigns and evaluate the results. When searching for guest posting influencers, ensure that you determine the content they like posting and their engagement level. If people are not engaging in their content, it could be that it is not highly engaging, or they have fake followers.

Run Referral Programs with Them

Referral programs help companies measure the success of their marketing campaign. A survey done by Twitter revealed an 88% increase in sales for products that were advertised by trusted influencers.

Sharing a referral code that’s unique to each influencer is an easy and effective referral program. They can include the code in their content and share it with their followers. This promotional code or link draws a consumer to use the code or visit the link.

But, if you are using these programs, make sure that the influencer mentions your brand on their content or social media channels. When an influencer mentions a brand to their followers, it makes them trust your brand, builds awareness, and recall value.

Peer recommendations are weighty, and people are likely to use a service or purchase a product that has been recommended by their peers such as the influencers. So, companies can use them to their advantage.

Run Contests and Giveaways with Them

These two are some of the best influencer marketing strategies for product promotion. You can use them to increase your following on social media and generate traffic to your website. A well thought contest strategy allows influencers to create an environment that supports engaging conversations for companies and their consumers. It also makes their followers curious to try the product

However, don’t use the same contest strategy on all your social media platforms. Consider a technique that is appropriate for the audience of that platform. For instance, Facebook and Instagram are best for promoting fashion and lifestyle products. But if you are a B2B brand, consider using LinkedIn as you can build connections with the right audiences here.

How Do I Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy?

  • Outline your goals.
  • Decide on the influencer marketing campaign.
  • Identify your target audience.
  • Choose an influencer suitable for your campaign- find them using specific topics or backlinks. Make sure that their content resonates with your audience.
  • You can use some online tools to find influencers. Or you can also search for them using hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. But make sure that your content is attractive to influencers.

Final Thoughts

Social media, the new normal, is helping many businesses market themselves. You can also take advantage of this platform to create brand awareness and build strong relationships with your customers. However, make sure that you choose the right social media platform, right influencer, and strategy.

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Influencers have been an immense help, especially during the Covid-19 crisis. Not only have they helped sales for companies like ours, but they have also made consumers feel good since they have gotten tips and advice on how to use products that have been beneficial during a dark time.

Now that life is opening back up and trying to gain normalcy, influencers still serve a purpose. We still look to them for the latest and greatest, the do’s and the don’ts, and the what’s hot and what’s not. Just in a different form, influencers can create content while going out and about, which consumers love. This also helps those that may still feel nervous about stepping out and trying to live life again because if they can do it, you can too. Check out our blogs, “Going Out Again? How to Adjust to a Post-COVID Life” and “The Best Places to Visit This Summer – Mini-Guide,” that go hand in hand about trying to get back into our everyday lives this summer.