Getting a hair color treatment does not just contribute to your overall beauty, but it also expresses your personality. However, there are times when that color treatment can fade sooner than you anticipated. This can be very disappointing especially if you are from spending a lot of money at the salon. Implementing a color-protecting hair care regimen is crucial if you want to retain that stylish and trending hair color. And one of the key issues that need to be included in a hair color-protecting regimen is heat protection. This is what we are going to address in this article.

Tips on Maintaining Color-Treated Hair

1. Do not use shampoo for at least three days after coloring

 Hair shampoos especially the strong ones, can easily remove hair color especially if the treatment isn’t allowed to settle in. this is what happens when your hair gets color treated. The cuticles open to allow entry for hair dye. These cuticles remain opened for around 72 hours. Shampooing your hair during that period will wash away the color pigment. And the treatment would not be effective therefore it will fade in a week.

2. Stick to a sulfate-free and cruelty-free shampoo and conditioner

Though commonly used in hair care products, sulfate is the ingredient that is responsible for the foaming effect. The disadvantage of using a product with sulfate is that it removes the hair’s moisture and natural oils. Whilst doing that, sulfate can also remove color-treated hair. And a good shampoo for your hair should be cruelty-free and gentle.  So be on the hunt for a good sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Our Recommendation for the Best Color Defense Shampoo and Conditioner

With ionic clay minerals as the main ingredient, the Zion Health Ultimate Color Defense Tropical Explosion Guide cleanses and nourishes color-treated hair. You can use it to preserve the color and shine of your hair. It also contains Mongongo Oil which is perfect for preventing heat damage.

3. Add some dye to your hair conditioner

There is one pro-tip that can help retain hair color for the longest time and that is adding some dye to your hair conditioner. If you have got brightly colored hair, adding dye to your hair conditioner ensures that you will always be re-dying hair when moisturizing.

4. Wash your hair with cold water

Everyone loves a hot shower, especially on a chilly morning. However, hot water opens up your hair cuticles and if you happen to be shampooing, you will remove some color. If you do this every day, your hair color treatments will always fade faster. Coldwater doesn’t open the cuticles. Instead, it seals moisture in hair, and this prolongs the life of your color treatment.

5. Wash your hair at most, twice a week

It is unadvisable to wash your hair daily. When you do this, you strip off natural oils and leave your hair dry and unhealthy. You also remove your fancy hair color. To be on the safe side, wash it twice a week.

6. Stay Away from Chlorine

By now, you should be aware of the harmful effects of chlorine on hair. It is a bleaching agent and will remove the color from the hair. Does that mean I should forget about swimming? No! You should invest in a swimmer’s cap. And before getting into the pool, wet your hair with fresh water and moisturize. The moisturizer will act as a shield.

7. Adequately prepare your hair for a color treatment

Though most people don’t know this, adequate hair preparation ensures the color treatment is more effective. In that, the pigments penetrate deeper and the color lasts longer. One of the ways you can prepare your hair is by applying a clarifying shampoo.  This will remove oils that may hinder the dye from being absorbed deeper into the cuticle layer.

8. Make use of heat protectant sprays

If you extensively use heat tools to style your hair, then a heat protectant spray can be very beneficial. This spray ensures your hair does not lose moisture and color from excess heat.

9. Get your hair some leave-in treatments especially the ones that offer UV protection

You must hydrate chemically treated hair as this prevents loss of both color and nutrients. The sun’s UV rays are your hair’s worst enemy and that’s why it needs protection offered by leave-in treatments.

10. Get a color-safe dry shampoo

Having said that one shouldn’t wash their hair daily, a dry shampoo can clean and enhance hair vibrancy. Get this convenient hair care product and make sure you find one that is color safe.

What about Dry Hair?

Lifestyle habits such as smoking and not eating healthily paired with heat styling sun exposure can lead to dry hair. In most cases, dry hair usually doesn’t signify a complicated health problem. By making some minor changes you can have healthy and vibrant hair. Some of these changes include;

1. Take Essential Vitamins

Lack of certain vitamins such as vitamin A, C, and H can lead to dry hair. If you have not been so keen on your diet, taking supplements of the above vitamins can make your hair look healthier and feel softer.

2. A Fresh Cut

This may come off as a little bit extreme, but at times, your hair may need a new start. If your hair is very dry and it’s not very long, a cut or trim can help you grow healthy hair. Make sure that you discuss your options with your hairstylist and discuss the ideal length.

3. Supplement Your Diet with Proteins and Antioxidants

As mentioned earlier, the primary cause of dry hair is the lack of certain minerals and vitamins in the body. Increasing your intake of proteins and antioxidants will result in healthy and better-looking hair.

4. Don’t Wash Your Hair Daily

As it is, washing hair daily can impact its health. If you have dry hair, washing it every day only makes it worse. Your hair needs those natural oils for it to look vibrant and be easier to style and maintain. Shampoos strip off all-natural oils in hair leaving it drier than before.

5. Forget About Air Drying, Wrap Your Hair Instead

Air drying hair sounds more convenient and easier. However, for dry hair, this process makes your hair lose a lot of moisture. If you have the time, try and wrap it. When you do this, the hair dries but retains moisture.

6. Remove Heat Styling from Your Hair Routine

Blow drying can damage hair especially if you hold the dryer closer to the hair shaft. Probably, this is something you have been doing since you were young. And it may have assisted in adding volume, styling, straightening, or curling your hair. The heat from the dryer dries out hair completely. This is something you should avoid especially if you have dry hair.

7. Learn to Wear a Hat Regularly

Not everyone loves wearing hats. But if you have got dry hair, a hat is a must-have. Hats protect your hair shaft from UV exposure. If you don’t like hats, then reduce your daily activities and avoid being in the sun for too long.

8. Rub Essential Oils

Essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, and Moroccan Argan oil have for years been used to prevent hair breakage and damage. People with dry hair can also introduce these oils to their hair and get a more supple and finished appearance.

9. Wash Your Hair with Cold Water

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of cold showers. Hot water scalds the hair and it can even lead to fading of hair color. Coldwater on the other hand revitalizes your hair strands and refreshes the scalp. It also makes hair grow fast.

Protecting Your Hair from Heat Styling

Despite its disadvantages, heat styling allows you to design your hair at home. And because of that reason, it may be difficult to stop using it. If you limit how frequently you use blow drier, you will notice a significant improvement in hair health. Below are more tips on how you can protect your hair from heat styling.

·    Whenever you are in the shower, always have on a moisturizing cream mask.

When you wear a moisturizing cream mask while taking a shower, you will be preventing hot water from removing the color treatment. It will also be a way to reduce your hair’s exposure to heat.

·    Stick to low heat when using hair tools.

The more the heat, the faster you will be able to style your hair. However, that excess heat can lead to hair breakage. Always use hair tools at a low temperature.

·    Invest in a heat protectant spray.

If you can’t live without using heat tools, then please get a heat protectant spray. There are several of them in the market and will ensure your hair doesn’t get damaged by heat.

Protecting Your Color-Treated Hair when Swimming

It’s a sunny afternoon and you would like to go for a swim. But you are worried about your hair? Here is what you should do;

  • Pre-soak it
  • Apply some oil.
  • Add some SPF because of the UV rays
  • Rinse and pull your hair up.
  • Wear a swimmer’s cap.

A Quick Guide to Having Thicker Hair

We all crave thicker hair. But the problem is, how do I get it?

  • Get yourself a thickening shampoo.
  • Begin using hair thickening products like tonics and texturizing sprays.
  • Switch to a hair thickening diet which should include vitamin A, B, C, and E
  • Don’t forget to exfoliate the scalp regularly and remove toxins.
  • Restrain from using hot tools.

Do Shampoos Prevent Hair Loss and Thinning?

There are hair loss shampoos that are specifically formulated to curb hair loss. These shampoos treat seborrheic dermatitis aka dandruff and other conditions that may be causing hair loss. Kindly note that regular shampoos do not help with hair loss. You must find one containing ketoconazole, an ingredient that deals with scalp-related problems.

Can Thickening Shampoos Offer the Same Result?

If you don’t prefer a shampoo formulated with medication to treat hair thinning and loss, you can opt for thickening shampoos that do exactly what their name implies. Provided you take proper care of your hair, thickening shampoos will give you healthier and thicker-looking hair.

Our top pick for a thickening shampoo is the Zion Health Regenerate Plus Shampoo and Conditioner

Made with botanical herbs and trace minerals, this shampoo can be used to restore color-treated hair. Being both a conditioner and shampoo, the Health Regenerate Plus nourishes hair while making it thicker and increasing its volume. The main ingredient found in the Regenerate Plus is Hydrolyzed Barley Protein. This is a natural protein source that moisturizes the scalp and makes your hair glossy.

Are Hair Masks as Good as People Say?

Let alone being described as good, hair masks are better than moisturizers and conditioners. They work from the inside out and penetrate further into the cuticle layer. A hair mask is a perfect solution for treating damaged hair and reversing the effects of using hot tools, processing, and even coloring.

Using a hair mask is very easy and it can be applied on both wet and dry hair. Applying it to wet hair is easier. Before application, you should wash your hair with warm water to open the cuticles. Secondly, dry your hair slightly with a towel. Spread the mask on your hair ensuring that you reach the roots. You can use a comb to spread the mask to all parts of your hair strands. Let it settle for thirty minutes then wash it off with cold water. If you had not washed your hair for about three days, shampoo and recondition it after.

Any Recommendations on the Best Hair Mask?

Did you think we would just leave you hanging without a recommendation? If you are looking for a hair mask that will optimize the scalp environment and preserve color and shine, the Deep Conditioning Intense Repair Hair Mask with Argan Oil should offer you this and much more. Comprising of hydrating botanical oils, nutrient tick minerals, and Argan Oil, this mask brightens dull hair and restores damaged hair. Argan oil is responsible for making your hair softer.

Here are Vegan Products that Can Help with Protecting Your Hair Color from Heat

  1. Zion Health Regenerate Plus Combo

Irrespective of the cause, hair loss is a problem many people struggle with. The good news is, the Regenerate Plus Combo is packed with plenty of useful ingredients that will help you battle thinning and loss of hair. This hair thickening product is highly effective at giving you healthy hair.

Some of the key ingredients used to make this product include vitamin B which boosts the circulation of blood in the scalp, vitamin E that is a natural source of moisture and shine, aloe vera which is a remedy for dandruff, lemon oil to optimize scalp environment. And finally, it contains more than 57 traces of ionic clay minerals that exfoliate the scalp and leave essential nutrients to combat the effects of hair damage.

  1. Zion Health Ultimate Color Defense Combo

 If your highlights or hair color treatment fades faster than usual, you could benefit significantly from this ultimate color defense combo. It is rich in vitamins B and E. it also contains Mongongo Oil well-known for protecting hair from UV damage, adding shine, and moisturizing. In the Ultimate Defense Combo, there are traces of Brazil and Acai oil which enhance the production of sebum in the skin.

  1. Deep Conditioning Intense Repair Hair Mask

Boasting a color retention formula, this repair hair mask is perfect for color-treated and chemically treated hair. If your hair has been a victim of heat damage, then this mask can reverse those effects. It contains the following ingredients: argan oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, shea butter, and hydrolyzed barley protein.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, the above guide has informed you of all that you need to know about preserving hair color and shine. For healthier, that can maintain its color and look amazing, we recommend you follow the steps we provided in this guide.

To Keep Your Hair Color Vibrant and Heathy from Heat, Make Sure to Include Zion Health Shampoos, Conditioners, Beauty Oils and Other Products in Your Hair Care Routine.

Scalp care is often referred to as the new skincare.  Store shelves are flooded with products that target your scalp, but are they necessary? The short answer is yes. However, just like skincare products you want to make sure that you are using safe, and non-toxic products on your scalp, since it’s directly correlated to your hair health.  That is not a concern with the products at Zion Health.  All our health, beauty and skincare products are vegan, organic, contain no parabens, are made with all-natural ingredients and are cruelty-free. 

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