Hemorrhoids, better known as piles, are basically inflamed and swollen veins in the anal region and the lower rectum. Hemorrhoids are caused due to prolonged straining during bowel movements or due to an increase in pressure on our veins due to obesity or pregnancy or other such causes.

Although an embarrassing topic to be discussed, hemorrhoids are very common in the United States. It can happen to aged, middle-aged or adolescents as well. However, the condition has been commonly noticed in people nearing 50 and above. People of this age group often experience discomfort, itching and bleeding during their bowel movements, which is a signal of the presence of piles or hemorrhoids.

Prolonged constipation or diarrhea can also be the cause of hemorrhoids in many of the cases.

Fortunately, there are many effective treatments available for hemorrhoids and Calcium Montmorillonite Clay also know as Edible Clay is one of the natural remedies available for treating this condition. Clay baths especially can relive hemorrhoids and the pain associated with it. Although the recovery process is a bit slow, but if one can possibly avoid the straining of the pelvic region, the discomfort and pain can be reduced. Also a high-fiber diet can ease your bowel movements, thus allowing you to pass your stools smoothly.

Hemorrhoids can be treated by making certain lifestyle changes too. A proper diet (fiber rich diet) and plenty of water is a must for people suffering from this complication. Also you can take edible clay or calcium montmorillonite clay with water. This would allow the hemorrhoids to shrink.

Although there are many medications available for curing hemorrhoids, but not all these medicines are helpful also the chances of potential side effects always prevail.

Hemorrhoids are one such health complication that can be easily prevented. You can take some preventive measures to avoid this painful condition completely:

Eat fiber-rich foods like fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and lots of whole grains. This would help in softening your stool and would also increase the bulk and this in turn will aid in avoiding the straining that leads to the development of hemorrhoids. If you are already suffering, it would prevent the symptoms from worsening any further. You must add fiber very slowly to the diet to avoid gas and bloating.
Drink adequate water and fluids: Water is extremely essential for health. Drink plenty of water and other fluids through out the day to keep your stools soft.
Do not strain: Straining causes great pressure in our veins and in the lower parts of the rectum; avoid straining. This pressure exerted is the main cause of piles.
Go When You Feel You Need To: Never try to control your urge; rush to the toilet as soon as you feel the urge to pass stools. If you suppress, it would be difficult for you to pass stools once again as it might harden.
Exercise: Immobility can be your worst enemy. Stay active if you want to avoid diseases. Lose weight to be healthy and to prevent hemorrhoids.